Frequently asked questions.

Here are a few things we get asked about and sometimes people don’t like asking questions so hope this comes in useful.

Q. do you both turn up to the wedding?
A. Yes we are a team and both work together to produce our finished product.

Q. Were thinking of getting married outside Yorkshire. Do you travel?
A. Yes we can and do travel anywhere and everywhere for our work. All we ask is for our fuel charges and if it’s further than 4 hours, an overnight stay may be required.

Q. When you’re both working on a particular subject, we’re unsure who to look at?
A.  Ben always takes the lead roll. He’s the organiser out of the two of us. We refer to him as (a.) Lynn’s roll is the over the shoulder candid roll. Lynn is (b.) She prefers to feel invisible and take more a backseat roll as her style is more about the environment the tone and mood and tries her best to give a more natural aesthetic to her work. We ask that you give your attention to Ben.

Q. Do you shoot film or digital for a wedding?
A. We can if we feel the couple can be directed well, if it’s something they would like and if we have optimum lighting conditions, although we never usually exclusively shoot one or the other.  We don’t charge any extra for this as shooting film is our joy. If the couple exclusively want film, then we can and do charge for this but would always second shoot with digital, especially with uk weather.

Q. How many shots do you take on a wedding?

A. It depends on the couple, the time were required for, the amount of guests and the venues. We can and have the capacity to take 8,000 images but rarely need to shoot that many.

Q. Many photographers will only do a paid for pre wedding shoot as part of our wedding package, if at all. Do you and if so what do you charge?
A. We offer all our couples who would like one who have booked us for their wedding a free pre wedding shoot. A large part of what we do for our couples requires us having knowledge of their dynamic. If we feel for whatever reason, you have difficulty with, for eg. nerves; then we may need to steer you more, than a couple who are extremely confident. We prefer to do this ‘homework’ under our own pressure and not during the clients so that they are not mislead, buying something they can’t have on their big day.
You can of course have a pre wedding but not have your wedding taken by us. This takes up to 3 hours at a location of your choice and costs £250.

Q. Do you shoot video for the wedding?
A. As in the reply for film. We can on occasion only shoot highlights because our main focus is photographs. We don’t guarantee this as it completely depends on time management.

Q. Do we have to buy an album from you?
A. No, we prefer to shoot disk only as many couples find they would rather source this themselves. The albums that we do produce are hand designed, Itallian albums.

Q. Myself and or partner are not photogenic or don’t like having photos done, is this a problem?
A. Most couples can feel overwhelmed that they may not feel as attractive as the models on bridal magazine covers. No need to worry, we have a talent of being able to make you feel comfortable in your own skin. We’ve had 10 years experience of portrait studio photography to say with absolute confidence that we don’t take bad photography. We can work with anyone of any age and see things in you that you may overlook. Our style means we try and mingle in with your guests so as not to be noticed.

Q. We have heard of your business but never seen you at a wedding fair, how do we contact you for an informal chat/ look at your work?
A. Most of our work is submitted online to give everyone a flavour of what we enjoy in our work. We rarely attend wedding fairs, but not for the lack of wanting to. The majority of good wedding fairs are over subscribed for photographers so we never get onto the waiting lists. We are freelance, which means we can come to you, meet somewhere neutral like a coffee shop or you are welcome make an appointment to visit our home. Whichever is the most convenient. We offer a no pressure, commitment free browse at our samples. Over 95% of our clients find us through recommendation! which is excellent as they are our biggest fans and ambassadors, have previously used us or know someone who has. We’re more than happy to chat via Facebook or alternatively email or telephone.

Q. Do you have a booking protocol?
A. We have a policy of a booking fee, which is different to a deposit in that once booked with a booking fee, your date is yours only. Which is security for you as we won’t take a better offer from anyone else, which with a deposit based booking can potentially leave the depositor without a photographer, often at short notice. We ask that when you are ready to book, you pay your booking fee, fill in a small contract and that’s it. Everything else is sorted out when you’re ready, or up to a month before your day. Unfortunately we never ‘pencil in’ dates without a booking fee. Though we can give you an idea of availability.

Q. What if you’re ill?
A. Firstly we would like to reassure you that we would have to literally be on deaths doors to miss your day as our reputation is important to us. If this was the case, we would try our best to advise you on a suitable replacement if required. We highly recommend that couples purchase separate wedding insurance on all high spend items. These Independant companies provide peace of mind. Also, we could recreate some wedding shots at a later date, for no extra charge.

Q. How long after our wedding can we expect our album or disk?
A. What we do for you on your big day is only one third of the process. The images never are given to you straight out of the camera. We spend more time in the editing and digital darkroom than any other process. We generally say 3-4 weeks for a disk. For any couple who are having an album, we give you a couple of weeks to pick your favourites. From there it’s on to the design process, which can take up to 6-8 weeks. After the album has been finalised, it is sent to Italy where the album is handmade and can take up to 8 further weeks. It’s not a quick service but as the saying goes, you can’t rush art and we can say it’s well worth the wait and then theres always an option to purchase our rush service.

Q. We’ve heard stories from other couples that certain photographers are charging a lot of money for extra pages that have been designed and the couple found it hard to make a selection. What is your policy?
A. As long as the amount of images selected don’t exceed the correct requirements, the design will be for what is quoted. Many couples find it hard to stick to the limit so we find if extras don’t fit, we offer 2 options and we don’t mind either way which option is picked. Option 1. Select the designed pages you feel you could live without and we will remove them from the album. Option 2. Add the extra pages required. We charge per double page spread and we like to keep the price at a little over cost as no one appreciates an overspend and we’d rather you were happy with your album.

Q. We would like to book our wedding well in advance. Is the price quoted the price we will pay or is it subject to any changes?
A. A booking fee wedding will always honour the prices quoted. Please note that prices are based on demand so they could possibly fall too. If you do find you have locked yourself in to a price and the annual price has fallen slightly, we will compensate you in the form of an upgrade. This could either mean more time or extra product. Unfortunately we cannot refund against a price fall as a drop will incorporate a reduction in the service we offer our future clients to balance this.

Q. We prefer not to show our wedding photographs online, could you explain your privacy policy?
A. We would like to assure you that we always seek permission before putting any clients work online. To enable clients and their families to approve the work, we place a selection in a passworded secure place on our blog site. The majority of our clients like to check out their work in this way and once happy, will allow us to release it. It’s not a problem if you don’t wish us to release them. The work will sit in the blog but cannot be viewed by anyone who doesn’t have a password. We never give out passwords to anyone who’s third party to the original client.
We enjoy showcasing our work to future clients as it gives them a true representation of our style. Most of our work features genuine clients except the sections of our blog named “commercial” and “photo essays”, which contains other business related shoots and hobby
projects that feature models.

Q. Do you accept double bookings for the same dates?
A. For weddings, most definitely not. We offer a booking fee system meaning first come first have policy. Unfortunately this means we are unavailable to “pencil in” dates.
Once booked, your date is your date and we never offer a booked date. (This differs to a deposit in which this allows either party to cancel without reasonable notice.) For this reason, the booking fee paid is non refundable except for if we manage to re book the same date. If this happens, then we can refund a percentage of the booking fee based on like for like. Eg. The person who books your date goes for the same package.
It is worth knowing that should you need to cancel a booking, we do allow alternative dates to be booked providing it is available and transfer your booking fee. We can allow this on one occasion. In the unlikely event of a genuine mistake, the person with the higher investment would keep this date. The for-fitter would be entitled to a full refund of their booking fee.

Q. Some of our guests are professional photographers and would also like to take photographs at the wedding. Is this okay.
We allow anyone to take photographs during your wedding. For confusion and distraction purposes we would rather professional kit wasn’t used during parts of the wedding we have been assigned to. Guests with smaller cameras are offered to take part except for group situations where delays happen due to waiting for their presence.

Q. We’re getting married in church and would like photos during the service. Is that okay?
A. There’s much debate about what can and can’t be taken in church. Some don’t mind and others forbid. Also, the permission is based on who is performing your service. In our experience, you are more likely to gain permission if you are a regular face, know the person performing your service and request their attendance to your wedding breakfast. If not then you must request in writing their policy and preferably before booking. Most churches charge extra for photographs. Word of mouth won’t do, unfortunately.
If we are allowed, then we always photograph the service. It may help to mention to the venue coordinator that Walker and Walker don’t use flash in church, unless it’s late winter light, the front shooter has access to a completely silent system at the front of the church and the rear shooter only photographs when it’s appropriate to do so and never during the vows.

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